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Top 30 Community “Theme” Episodes: 25-21

May 30, 2012

Following up on the 1st installment yesterday, here are the theme episodes from Community that rank from 25 to 21.
25. Early 21st Century Romanticism (2nd Season)

This episode marks the first appearance of Magnitude, who has become one of the best minor characters that the show has to offer. It also features a pretty funny plot where Britta and her new friend Paige are under the impression that the other one is a lesbian, and have become friends to prove their open-mindedness.  However, the fact that neither are lesbians provides for some pretty funny moments throughout.  It’s a solid episode, but really only merits inclusion due to the holiday episode rule.

Memorable Quote: Jeff Winger–Well, I don’t believe in dibs, or love at first sight, or love, or best friends, or doing things, but it’s good you brought this to me.

24. Biology 101 (Season 3)

This episode doesn’t feature a full length theme, but there are some extended themes that merit an inclusion on this list. The season opening musical number is great, but the real thematic genius that comes in this episode is when they do a parody of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.   The scene in question comes during a hallucination of Jeff Winger’s, which is fitting, because the scene parodies the trippiest part of 2001. While both scenes are great, the lack of a full length theme puts it here.  On a side note, this episode marks the first appearance of John Goodman as the vice dean of the air conditioning repair school.

Memorable Quote: Shirley Bennett–I can’t believe Jeff attacked a table with a fire axe and is still only the second craziest person in the room.

23. Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps (Season 3)

The most recent Halloween episode does a very good job of playing on typical horror movie cliches, in addition to a few fun flights of fancy (particularly Pierce’s and Shirley’s stories).  The overall plot of the episode isn’t super strong (Britta believes that one of the group possesses homicidal tendencies), but the stories that are involved are fun all around.

Memorable Quote: Dean Pelton–Devil here! Just stopping by here for a little damnation orientation, here’s the sched: at 10 you’ll be buried neck deep in scorpions, at 11:15 lava enemas, followed by Pilates! Pilates is the demon that eats your genitals.

22. Communication Studies (Season 1)

This episode is the first Valentine’s Day episode that the show did, which, as stated previously, leads to inclusion on the grounds of being a holiday episode.  However, this episode has some other great things that place it here.  Troy and Pierce wearing ladies’ pantsuits as Chang’s dates to the dance is hilarious, but the A-plot has some gems as well.  Jeff is coached by Abed to leave a drunken message for Britta to even the power balance after she left one for Jeff.  The drunken evening includes an homage to The Breakfast Club and Abed shines through this storyline.  I personally think that the episode as a whole is better than where I’m ranking it, but the point of this list is to rank the “theme” episodes, so since it doesn’t do too many “unique” things, this is where I’m placing it.

Memorable Quote: Abed Nadir–I’m Abed, I never watch TV!

21. The First Chang Dynasty (Season 3)

The most recent theme episode parodies the style of heist movies such as Ocean’s 11 or The Italian Job.  The scene where the air conditioning teacher describes the security measures to Troy is such a spot on genre trope, as is pretty much everything that goes on during the actual heist.  The costumes worn by everyone during the heist is also a cause for great comedy.  Overall a very solid episode, but when compared to some of the remaining episodes, it’s just a touch weaker.

Memorable Quote: Abed Nadir–Elaborate Heist? Elaborate Heist? Elaborate Heist?

Tune in soon for 20-16.


Hope you liked this post and I hope you like what else I have to say.


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