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Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It: 2013 Oscar Edition (with a few other notes)

February 25, 2013

Now that the Oscars are done for another year, it’s time to look at my Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It moments from this year’s awards.  However, before I do that, I would like to celebrate for a moment that my predictions (which can be found here and here) generally turned out pretty accurate.  I correctly selected 19 winners in the 24 categories for an accuracy rating of just under 80 percent.  Considering my Emmy predictions were no where near as close, I was pretty happy about this number.  I am also happy that I did give shout-outs to all the winners who I didn’t predict, except in Best Documentary Short, so even though I didn’t predict them, I still recognized they were the ones who had the best chance of ruining my predictions.  Anyway, on to the Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It selections, which will be followed by a few general musings about the evening as a whole.

Like It: Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway winning their first Oscars

These two delivered two of my favorite performances of the year, in Silver Linings Playbook and Les Miserables, respectively.  I know so much has already been said about these two, but I’m very glad the Academy recognized them for their efforts in what was truly a great year for movies.  I felt so bad for Lawrence when she tripped on the steps to accept her award, but she covered it as gracefully as possible.  These two are still early in their careers so we can and should expect more great things to come from both of them.

Love It: The repeat winners

This was a big year for repeat winners at the Oscars.  Christoph Waltz took home his second Best Supporting Actor award for his work in Django Unchained (he previously won for Inglourious Basterds). Django also provided Quentin Tarantino with Best Original Screenplay for the second time (he hadn’t won this award since Pulp Fiction),  and Ang Lee earned a second Best Director for Life of Pi (previously winning for Brokeback Mountain).  Ben Affleck also took home his second trophy (as did George Clooney) as the producers of the Best Picture winner, Argo. However, the big story is Daniel Day-Lewis winning Best Actor for a record third time for his work in Lincoln (his other wins came with My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood).  He delivered a powerhouse performance as the 16th president of the United States and cemented his legacy in Hollywood history, if it wasn’t cemented already.

Gotta Have It: The “Share The Wealth” Awards
Argo Oscars

What I mean by “share the wealth” is that these Oscars, more than any in recent memory, really recognized a variety of great movies this year, which is outstanding because this was a great year for movies.  Life of Pi took four awards, Argo and Les Miserables each took three, and Lincoln, Skyfall, and Django Unchained each earned two.  That is remarkable to me.  I loved that so many people in their acceptance speeches (including everyone who won in the acting categories) recognized their other nominees for doing outstanding work, and based on the nominees I saw, I have to agree with that.  I saw 6 of the 9 Best Picture nominees, 2 for Best Director, 4 for Best Actor, 2 for Best Actress, 4 for Best Supporting Actor, 3 for Best Supporting Actress, and 6 of the 10 for the two combined Screenplay categories, and I have to say that I had an extremely difficult time singling out winners in almost all of those categories.  This was one of the best, most diverse years for movies that I can remember, and I’m thrilled that the Academy Awards recognized that by rewarding so many different movies.


Other Thoughts

  • The Host

Seth MacFarlane

I thought Seth MacFarlane did fine hosting the Oscars, and he delivered almost exactly what I expected out of him.  He told a lot of jokes that were tasteless, some of which were very funny, and some of which didn’t land.  He caused a stir, and people debated over how good or bad they thought he was.  He sang, he danced, he voiced a CGI teddy bear.  He made fun of himself and he made fun of many people there.  He had referential humor, and he crossed the line, but overall I enjoyed his stint as host.  He’s not someone I would want every year, but I thought he was fine.  I will say, the Sound of Music reference/homage when Christopher Plummer came out to present was awesome.  I loved every single bit of that.  Overall, I give him a B for his effort.

  • The Songs


There were several musical numbers at this year’s ceremony, and I feel I should address them all.  The two Bond songs (Goldfinger and Skyfall) were both good, but I didn’t think either was outstanding.  Maybe I just like them both better in the context of their respective movies than as live performances.  The musicals montage (not really the right word, but I don’t know a better one) was very well done.  To me, the Chicago bit was the weakest, but that could just be because I thought Jennifer Hudson’s performance and the cast of Les Miserables were both super awesome.  Barbra Streisand singing “The Way We Were” was good, but I was a bit distracted because I felt some people were omitted from the In Memoriam segment and if they were going to take the time to have her sing, they could have kept the segment going while she sang.  All in all, some very good musical performances.

  • The Speeches


As I pointed out, I loved that many people gave shout outs to their other nominees. To me, that’s a classy move, because once you get nominated, it’s almost a moot point who actually wins because everyone is so good.  So often, the winners come down to politics, momentum, or luck, so it’s always appreciated when they recognize their peers.  I thought Day-Lewis, Waltz, Lawrence, Hathaway and Affleck all delivered great speeches, and I hope that future winners look at their speeches of examples of how to win with class.


So, that’s it for this post.  Keep your eyes out for new posts, as I expect them to come a little more frequently in the near future.


Hope you liked this post, and I hope you like what else I have to say.

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