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Now! Bracket Selection Sunday

April 21, 2013

So, I had an idea a few weeks ago during the NCAA tournament to do a silly bracket.  Something that there are just a ton of to rank, and that I could have a totally arbitrary selection process while doing so.  So, I decided to create a bracket of the Now That’s What I Call Music albums.  There are 46 numbered albums that have been released in the United States (Now 46 will be released in early May, but the set list is available now), but 46 isn’t easily divisible by 4, so I had to add two specially selected “at-large” bids.  The three that made the cut were the first albums in the Now Christmas and the Now 80’s series.  Also, I am doing this in conjunction with my friend who runs the blog The Jones Corner, so as a way to keep it “fair,” we will alternate rounds in regions.  So, the first round, I will cover two regions, and he will cover the other two.  The second round, we will switch regions and so on and so on.

Seeding was determined by combining where the album charted on Billboard, how many songs on the album hit #1, and how many copies the album sold.  The seeds were then randomly distributed into each region (Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans, Seattle).  Each region has 12 seeds, and we are following the model that the ACC tournament uses.  For those unfamiliar with that, the top 4 teams in each region get a bye for the first round.  The 5 seed plays the 12, the 6 plays the 11, the 7 plays the 10, and the 8 plays the 9.  Then, the 1 seed plays the 8/9 winner, the 2 plays the 7/10 winner, the 3 plays the 6/11 winner, and the 4 plays the 5/12 winner.  The next round, the 1 vs 8/9 winner plays the 4 v 5/12 winner, the 2 vs 7/10 winner plays the 3 vs 6/11 winner.  The winners of those games play each other (Confused Yet?).  The Detroit regional champion faces the Seattle regional champion in the Final Four, while the Nashville regional champion will face the New Orleans regional champion.  Those winners face each other for the title.

So, without further ado, here are the seeds for each region.

Detroit Region

Seeds with first round byes

1 seed: Now 5
2 seed: Now 6
3 seed: Now 24
4 seed: Now 9

First round matchups

5 seed: Now 34 vs 12 seed: Now 40
6 seed: Now 4 vs 11 seed: Now 12
7 seed: Now 7 vs 10 seed: Now 20
8 seed: Now 44 vs 9 seed: Now 46

Nashville Region

Seeds with first round byes

1 seed: Now 8
2 seed: Now 22
3 seed: Now 16
4 seed: Now 23

First round matchups

5 seed: Now 39 vs 12 seed: Now 18
6 seed: Now 21 vs 11 seed: Now 36
7 seed: Now 43 vs 10 seed: Now 33
8 seed: Now 2 vs 9 seed: Now 3

New Orleans region

Seeds with first round byes

1 seed: Now Christmas
2 seed: Now 38
3 seed: Now 31
4 seed: Now 29

First round match ups

5 seed: Now 19 vs 12 seed: Now 45
6 seed: Now 26 vs 11 seed: Now 35
7 seed: Now 27 vs 10 seed: Now 42
8 seed: Now 15 vs 9 seed: Now 10

Seattle Region

Seeds with first round byes

1 seed: Now 37
2 seed: Now 80s
3 seed: Now 17
4 seed: Now 32

First round match ups

5 seed: Now 14 vs 12 seed: Now 13
6 seed: Now 1 vs 11 seed: Now 30
7 seed: Now 25 vs 10 seed: Now 28
8 seed: Now 11 vs 9 seed: Now 41

We will post our first round results during this week.  Each team will feature a description of the “Starting Five” of each album along with the “One and Dones.”  So, I hope you enjoy this totally random semi-pointless ranking of crazy compilation albums.

Hope you liked this post and I hope you like what else I have to say.


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