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Emmy Nominations 2013: What the Emmys (and I) got right

July 18, 2013

This is the 3rd and final post I’m going to have about the Emmy nominations. After my predictions and what the voters got wrong, I’m going to talk about what they got right


Best Series

What the Emmys got right: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Homeland and Downton Abbey are all very well-written and well-acted shows. While I don’t watch House of Cards, everything I’ve heard about it indicates that it deserves a spot as well. Plus, that inclusion indicates the Emmys are willing to embrace our constantly evolving way to watch some of the best entertainment available.

What I got right: Prediction wise, this was my single best category as I got them all right. In terms of enjoyment, I was thrilled because some of these shows have become all-time favorites. It’s going to be interesting to see how this one plays out since there are some fantastic shows here.


What the Emmys got right: As long as Breaking Bad and Mad Men are on television, Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm should be in this category. Really, all the men in this category are deserving, but those two are the mega-locks (even if someone else takes the award home).

What I got right: Again, relatively strong prediction wise.  I love to see great actors and characters rewarded, which typically happens in this category.


What the Emmys got right: Robin Wright. GET IT? Sorry, couldn’t resist. But seriously, Elisabeth Moss, Claire Danes and Michelle Dockery are deserving repeat nominees while Kerry Washington and Connie Britton are generally well received choices as well.

What I got right: I predicted most of these women, and I don’t have many complaints with this list of nominees (other than Keri Russell not being nominated).


What the Emmys got right: Aaron Paul, Peter Dinklage and Mandy Patinkin are all just outstanding, while Jim Carter and Jonathan Banks could just have a grumpy old man competition.  This is top to bottom one of the strongest categories of the whole awards

What I got right: Other than a double nomination for Game of Thrones and buying into the Newsroom hype, I got my picks right. As I said, this was a difficult one because so many people were deserving here.  Just brutal competition.


What the Emmys got right: Maggie Smith is just perfect on Downton Abbey, so her inclusion is my highlight. Don’t get me wrong, Anna Gunn, Emilia Clarke, Christina Hendricks and Morena Baccarin are all great on their respective shows, but none of them make their show the way Maggie Smith does.

What I got right: I picked two shows correctly (Game of Thrones, The Good Wife) just the wrong woman. Baccarin was the surprise, but I’m happy to see her get some recognition.  If Smith doesn’t win, I’d like to see Hendricks take the award home just because she’s been putting in great consistent work on Mad Men.



What the Emmys got right: Louie, 30 Rock, Veep and Modern Family make a lot of sense here. Even though I am not crazy about the Emmys letting Modern Family dominate the proceedings, it’s a very funny show. If anything other than Modern Family wins, expect it to be 30 Rock following an outstanding final season.

What I got right: I went 5 for 6 prediction wise, but chose Arrested Development over Louie.  In a perfect world, they would both be nominated, along with Parks and Recreation, but that’s obviously not the case.


What the Emmys got right: Alec Baldwin, Jason Bateman and Louis C.K. all are 100% deserving, and while I don’t watch House of Lies or Episodes, I don’t mind the Don Cheadle or Matt LeBlanc nominations.

What I got right: I did well in the predictions here also. This was the only major nomination for Arrested Development so I’m glad I got that prediction right.


What the Emmys got right: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are some of the funniest women on television right now and it’s good to see them get recognition for their work. While Lena Dunham could upset them here, I think one of those three are going to take the award home and I’m cool with that.

What I got right: 4 for 6 on the predictions. I hope Poehler takes the award considering it’s the only major Parks and Rec nomination (which is crazy) but I think there is definitely a good chance Fey gets one more trophy for an outstanding character


What the Emmys got right: Bill Hader is a national treasure, and I said from day 1 of his stint on Saturday Night Live that he was going to be a star (if you don’t believe me, I have sources, baby). I also like that they scaled back (even if by one) on the Modern Family nominations, although I’m not sure the 2 time winner (Eric Stonestreet) was the one to cut.  I’m tempted to say Tony Hale was a “right” call, but when it’s not as Buster Bluth and with Will Arnett’s GOB Bluth and Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson sitting out, I’m a little hesitant to be all in on that nomination.

What I got right: I predicted the three Modern Family representatives and Hader. I’ve said about all I can say for this category other than congrats to Ty Burrell on your 2nd Emmy (Burrell is my actual favorite on Modern Family, but without Stonestreet, Offerman, or Arnett, I don’t see him losing).


What the Emmys got right: I think this category was about as expected. Fewer Modern Family women means more diversity here than the male counterpart which leads to some familiar faces returning to this category. While I think Julie Bowen or Sofia Vergara take it, this isn’t the lock for Modern Family that Supporting Actor is.

What I got right: Some old favorites here, but I omitted Jane Lynch. Not because I don’t like her (she’s far and away the best part of a tv show that shouldn’t have lasted more than 1 season), but I just thought (like everyone) the Emmys were done with Glee. But the Modern Family and Jane Krakowski picks seemed like no-brainers.

So there it is, what I think the Emmys did right.


I hope you liked this post and I hope you like what else I have to say.


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