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Emmy Nominations 2013: What the Emmys (and I) got wrong

July 18, 2013

For my 2nd of 3 Emmy related posts, I am going to say where I think the Emmys went wrong with their nominations, in addition to my mistakes in predictions from my post yesterday, which can be found here.



What the Emmys did wrong: Really, nothing. Sure, you can make the cases for various great shows that missed the cut, but really, there won’t be much complaining about these nominees.

What I did wrong: Nothing as well. 6 for 6.


What the Emmys did wrong: Again, arguably nothing (this is going to be a theme for the Drama side, which I feel is much more correct than the Comedy side). Hugh Bonneville was a bit of a surprise to keep his nomination from last year, but nothing major here.

What I did wrong: I had Steve Buscemi as a nominee instead of Bonneville. Buscemi was the one I was most on the fence about, but this category did have some great contenders. (Maybe next year, Raylan)


What the Emmys did wrong: I won’t say they got nominees wrong in this category, just some surprising picks (and some surprising exclusions) particularly when there were seven nominated women here.

What I did wrong: Well, I left out three of the nominated women (Vera Farmiga “Bates Motel,” Connie Britton “Nashville,” and Kerry Washington “Scandal” [although, to be fair, I did say that Washington was top seven, and with seven nominees, she got a spot, so I wasn’t super wrong]). I also am surprised that Keri Russell and Julianna Margulies were left out considering the buzz surrounding The Americans this year and how safe Margulies seemed here given her previous nomination history.


What the Emmys did wrong: Again, arguably nothing. Just a straight up packed category.

What I did wrong: Pick against Downton Abbey again. Jim Carter plays my second favorite character on the show behind Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess, but I didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt considering he was a nominee last year. Forgive me, Mr. Carson. Also, making a blind pick, I chose Sam Waterston over Bobby Cannavale, which would also have been a blind pick, so there’s that.  Of course, I was hoping to be wrong by leaving out Walton Goggins, but it appears Boyd Crowder will still have to wait for his day in the sun.


What the Emmys did wrong: From what I’ve heard, House of Cards is great, so the Kate Mara exclusion could be cause for anger, but at this point, I’m ok with it.

What I did wrong: Well, I chose the wrong repeat nominee from the Good Wife (Archie Panjabi over Christine Baranski), and the wrong representative for Game of Thrones (of course, I did say that Emilia Clarke was a possible candidate).  I also left out Morena Baccarin mainly because I was expecting House of Cards to get another nomination and this seemed like Homeland’s “weak link” so to speak.

Prediction accuracy for Drama: 22 for 31



What the Emmys did wrong: Nominate The Big Bang Theory and Girls instead of Arrested Development, Archer, Community, Happy Endings, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Parks and Recreation. Bob’s Burgers wasn’t eligible because it submitted in the animated categories, but it would have been more deserving as well.  Seriously, the world was blessed with more Arrested Development and the Emmys give a spot for Best Comedy Series to the opposite of comedy The Big Bang Theory.

What I did wrong: Unfortunately, very little. I had Arrested Development as a nominee, and Louie got that spot instead. While I did want Louie nominated, I didn’t want it to happen at the expense of one of the funniest shows of all time (I don’t care if you didn’t think this season was great, we got more Arrested Development, and dammit that’s a fantastic thing).


What the Emmys did wrong: Jim Parsons. Nothing against him personally, but the show he is on is a giant slap in the face to actual funny things. Since most shows nominate most of their men for supporting, I can’t complain about much else.

What I did wrong: Jon Cryer. Damn you, Cryer. I pick you in disgust because your show is also terrible, and then you spite my prediction by not being nominated. Matt LeBlanc took that spot as I said he might, but it still cost me an accurate pick.


What the Emmys did wrong: Not so much wrong as unexpected (as with the Best Actress for Drama). They will be wrong when Amy Poehler doesn’t win….again. (To be fair, I wouldn’t mind Tina Fey winning since it’s 30 Rock’s last hurrah, but she already has a lot of these)

What I did wrong: I thought Zooey Deschanel and Melissa McCarthy were relatively solid picks, but Laura Dern (Enlightened) and Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie) messed those picks up.  Not really complaining, because I’ve heard good things about those women


What the Emmys did wrong: I had mentally prepared myself for the exclusion of the funniest character on television again, but when both Ron Swanson and GOB Bluth are excluded for three Modern Family characters and someone from Girls, well, it was too much to take. Emmy voters, (say it with me), you made a huge mistake.  And no, it doesn’t count to nominate Tony Hale for a show that isn’t Arrested Development. That’s not good enough. Not to mention, the guy from Modern Family that you left out (Eric Stonestreet) is the guy who has won this award twice. WHY CAN’T THE EMMY VOTERS MAKE ANY SENSE WHEN IT COMES TO THIS CATEGORY?

What I did wrong: I believed. Besides that, I didn’t do much wrong. I got 3 of the 4 Modern Family men and Bill Hader. I totally did not see Tony Hale’s nomination coming, nor Adam Driver’s, who I’m somewhat conflicted on. Yes, his character became the most interesting on the show this past season, so if anyone deserves recognition from that show, it’s him, but not at the expense of the aforementioned actors.


What the Emmys did wrong: Leave out Jessica Walter. Seriously, you have seven nominees and you leave out Lucille Bluth? Beyond that, not much, but still, a pretty glaring oversight.

What I did wrong: I got four out of seven here, but excluded previous winner Jane Lynch (I thought the Emmys had given up on Glee, so I didn’t even consider the one funny person involved with the show), previous nominee Merritt Wever (Nurse Jackie), and newcomer Anna Chlumsky (Veep).  I picked the wrong “other nominee” for Girls by selecting Allison Williams as Lena Dunham’s running mate instead of Adam Driver in the male category.

Prediction accuracy for Comedy: 22 for 31

Total accuracy: 44 of 62 (72 percent)

So, stay tuned for my post about what the Emmys (and I) got right.


Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you like what else I have to say.


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